Nu-Star Inc., a global manufacturer of engineered solutions for material handling needs since 1959, operates facilities in the US and UK. Years of experience as a leading designer, manufacturer and innovator in the industry has given us the competitive edge in providing state-of-the-art, reliable, cost-effective load-moving solutions that deliver tangible productivity and safety benefits in a wide variety of applications.  With every application, you get to work with an engineer to help diagnose, design and implement the best solution for you.  Nu-Star is headquartered in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Nu-Star Inc. has two divisions: Power Pusher and Nu-Star Car Wash

For over 50 years Power Pusher® has specialized in pedestrian-operated, battery-powered, motorized tugs that are designed to meet safety, ergonomic and productivity initiatives while driving down maintenance, injury and labor expenses. At no additional cost, each customer works with an engineer to develop the best solution to solve their material handling needs. Because of this Power Pusher’s material handling pushers and tugs meet the diverse and challenging needs of our customers, pushing or pulling wheeled or semi-wheeled loads, mobilizing everything from cars, carts, rail cars and roll cages to airplanes and modular buildings. Bottom line… If It Rolls . . . We Can Move It™

We offer a variety of industrial ergonomic material handling tugs capable of moving up to 100 tons, including the Power Pusher®Hazardous Duty Power Pusher®Super Power Pusher™Power Tug™E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow™MFC-100™ and more.

Using the latest 3-D design software, our engineers roll up their sleeves and work closely with you to develop a custom solution that’s just right for your needs. Then we manufacture to order.

For over 50 years, Nu-Star, Inc., has been developing, manufacturing and selling the best car wash equipment available. Soft touch or Touchless, our roll-over car wash machines provide years of reliable, worry-free service.  Innovative features such as galvanized frames and hydro-spinners keep Nu-Star at the pinnacle of the industry and ahead of the competition. In addition, Nu-Star offers “Revenue Share" and "Pay-Per-Wash" programs plus quality refurbished machines to help you keep up-to-date equipment in your car wash bay without breaking your budget. At Nu-Star, we also pride ourselves on the following facts:
  • Nu-Star car washes are "Made in America”. Many of our competitors now are either foreign made or foreign owned companies.
  • Nu-Star has over 55 factory trained distributors in the US, Canada and Australia.
  • Nu-Star partners with the finest manufacturers in the car wash business, such as Pur-Clean, Unitec and Hamilton.
Check out each of our car wash models and give us a call to develop a partnership which compliments your customer base and adds profit to your bottom line.